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1. You Must be 18 years of age or older to be a member here
2. Respect each other.
3. No excessive swearing
4. No personal insults, fighting or name calling.
5. No typing in ALL CAPS (people will think you're shouting).
6. No racist or prejudice slurs.
7. No illegal activity.
8. Lastly and MOST IMPORTANT of all - Have fun

As far as SITE RULES or GUIDELINES go we only have a few very simple rules, mostly relating to the way other members are treated. Here on Western Sydney Swingers we expect every member to show every other member a level of respect and courtesy on top of which NO ALWAYS MEANS NO WITHOUT EXCEPTION.

This is a site where we all look upon each other as friends and we expect everyone to respect and treat each other accordingly and treat others as they would expect others to treat them.ANYONE who is found Spamming, Personally Attacking or Harassing another member or directing any kind of Abuse or Insults towards another member will be IMMEDIATELY BANNED.
ANYONE using the site to promote, encourage or  offer to provide or seek to obtain or provide ANY illegal or restricted substance or thing or who uses or attempts to use this site for ANY KIND of illegal activity WILL BE IMMEDIATELY AND PERMANENTLY BANNED WITHOUT WARNING.

If you have any problems or there is anything at all that you are not sure of please don't hesitate to get in touch. If anyone is experiencing any kind of problem with anyone harassing them or being unduly rude or behaving in an offensive manner get in touch with us as we will not hesitate to do something about it.
Cheers Michael & Debbie (Hawkesburycouple)
Western Sydney Swingers Admin
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