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      WEBCAM CHAT ROOM - YES or NO   08/23/16

      Can You PLEASE go to the BLOG POST and cast your VOTE. We are always looking at ways we can improve and make the site more entertaining and FUN for everyone.  One of the things we have been considering adding a Web Cam chat room to the site.  The Webcam room will be in addition to the current Members Chat room and The Lobby. We would upgrade our level of service for The Lobby so that the Lobby would become our Webcam room.  We will then set up a separate room like the Lobby that guests are welcome to use so that should you ever want to chat with someone who is not a WSS member and you are not yet comfortable giving them your email or skype details you will have a place you can chat by giving them the link to the Guest Chat Room.  Before we go ahead with the expense of setting up and then maintaining a Webcam room we would like to get some idea of how much it is likely to be used.  It we have a good indication that it will get plenty of use we will happily go ahead with it, however if it is likely to get little use with the majority preferring not to use a webcam room we don’t see much point it spending the money to set it up.  So YES or NO.  Would you like to see a webcam room added to WSS and if so would you use it?  
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      WOULD YOU BE INTERESTED IN BEING PART OF A WSS PLAY MEET? OPEN TO COUPLES & SINGLES - Male & Female   Would you please go to either THE BLOG POST or THE FORUM POST and cast your VOTE or post your comments.   We have been talking about organising WSS Play Meets in addition to the Couples Play night that we have each month. Before we go ahead and start setting dates and booking a venue we would like some feedback from those who would be interested.  What we are looking at doing is booking a venue with the cost of the venue being shared by those involved. We are looking at covering costs only and making these nights a FUN night for all.  Any WSS site member will be welcome to attend, couple or single, male or female.  What we have discussed as numbers will be limited, is that first preference will go to couples and females.  Then from the list of males who have replied, we will invite 1 male per couple or single female so that we do not end up with a situation of a room full of males with just a few couples or ladies.  THERE WILL BE ONLY ONE MAIN RULE - NO means NO – No argument. There will NEVER be any obligation for ANYONE to play with anyone else. Just because you are there does NOT automatically mean that anyone else who is there is required to play with you.  In other words you DO NOT just start touching or doing whatever with someone unless it has been made clear to you that they wish to play with you.  If you want to play with a particular person but not another, that is fine and NO will ALWAYS be politely accepted.  ANYONE not abiding by this will be asked to leave and may also find themselves permanently banned from the site.  Pushy or overbearing people will not be tolerated.   COVERING COSTS ALL your opinions in regard to how the cost of the room or cabin should be divided. OPTION -1 Each member pays an equal share which means the share per couple will be the same as that of singles as the share will be per member. The cost per member should be $30.oo or less.   OPTION -2 Same as option -1 where the cost is shared by member and not the number of persons resulting in couples and singles each paying the same share only with the exception that all LADIES are FREE.   OPTION -3 As single males are there for themselves only and not bringing a partner to the event and if it were not for the couples and ladies attending they would only have each other to play with, so the cost of the venue be shared equally by the single males attending.  The cost in this case should be no more than $50.oo and probably less.    So that we do not end up out of pocket by having to cover the share of people who say they will be attending and then don't show up we will be asking for those attending to pay their share of the cost prior to the night.  Once each person or couple has confirmed they will be attending we will send each an online invoice for their share of the cost of the cabin or room.  A secure online payment will be able to be made in a variety of ways via Credit or Debit Card  - PayPal or credit or debit card via PayPal as a PayPal guest (no need to be a member of PayPal) or Direct Deposit.   The address, cabin or room number and further details will then be provided to you once payment has been completed.   WHAT DO  YOU THINK?? & WOULD YOU BE INTERESTED??  


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Follow this link to browse the SEXPO website for information about coming events, tickets and show programs etc.

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thanx for posting the link.....been meaning to get to sexpo 1 year

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HAs anybody on this site been? What is it like?

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