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      Email Address To Sign In As From 25-Feb-2016   12/17/15

      Email Address now required to Sign In We have decided to see how having to use the email address you have attached to your Member Profile to sign into the site goes.  Doing it this way instead of just using your Display name to sign in makes the site far more secure which is why most places like eBay, Facebook and nearly every commercial site prefers to use this method over just using your DISPLAY NAME to sign in.  Anyone who has used a fake email address that they made up on the spur of the moment to register a profile prior to us requiring that all email addresses be validated and checked against an international spammers database before a profile is made active will have to remember what the FAKE Email was to sign in.  Not only that if they used a Fake Email address when registering using the lost password utility will not help as they will never receive the recovery email.  Another reason so many sites now use your email address to sign in is people using a genuine and active email address will generally know what their own email address making it easier to remember their Sign In details.  We plan on changing over to the new system of signing in on the 25 February 2016.  If ANYONE has any problem signing in or cannot recall what email address they used, if you send an email to admin@westernsydneyswingers.com.au or just click on the CONTACT US link at the bottom of any site page we will help you get it sorted.
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      CAN WE ASK YOU ALL TO PLEASE CHECK AND UPDATE YOUR MEMBER PROFILE We do appreciate that this is a nuisance and apologise and we appreciate the way many of you feel about change but this is only a very minor change which we hope will improve the MEMBER PROFILES and will only take a minute of your time.  In the GENERAL INFORMATION area of the Member Profiles under STATUS we have changed the available selections.  If your STATUS was previously “Don’t Have A Partner” or “Here Without My Partner” you will find that it is likely if you are Male that your profile could indicate that you are female and Visa Versa so we ask that you check and update your profile at the earliest opportunity.  Those whose Status is “Married Couple” – “Attached Couple” – “Playmates Couple” will NOT be affected.  Those whose Status was either “Don’t Have A Partner” or “Here Without My Partner” are the ones who will be affected and will need to update their Status.  Both these options have been removed and replaced with “Female (Single)” – “Female (Without My Partner)” - “Male (Single)” – “Male (Without My Partner)”.  This will do a couple of things which we hope will be an improvement.  Firstly, when browsing the Forums – Blogs etc where the brief details of the poster are displayed, it will be immediately apparent whether the poster is a Couple, Female, or Male.   Another thing it will do is help when searching for Couples, Females or Males.  If you are unsure how to update your Member Profile, it is very simple and will only take a minute of your time.  Up on the top right where you see your USER ID displayed, Click on your USER ID.  From the drop down box select PROFILE. When your Member Profile opens, up on the top right click on EDIT PROFILE.  Make the necessary adjustments to your profile making sure to scroll to the bottom of the page and on the bottom right of the page click on SAVE.  If you leave the page without saving any changes you have made will be lost and you will need to do it again.  If you are still unsure or uncertain about editing your Member Profile if you submit a SUPPORT TICKET and in the ticket let us know what you want changed and what you want it changed to we are more than happy to do it for you.


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Follow this link to browse the SEXPO website for information about coming events, tickets and show programs etc.

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thanx for posting the link.....been meaning to get to sexpo 1 year

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HAs anybody on this site been? What is it like?

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