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      COME DRESSED AS SEXY AS YOU DARE OR BRING SOMETHING TO CHANGE INTO WHEN YOU ARRIVE 8:00PM until the last person leaves The JUNE COUPLES PLAY NIGHT  is getting near being Saturday 18 JUNE.  Could we please ask each of you to go to the PLAY GROUP CALENDAR and simply just click on either GOING – MAYBE – DECLINED so that we know who will be coming, who maybe coming if they can or who can not be there. , The cost per couple will be determined by both the number attending and the cost of the venue.  The more that attend the cheaper it will be for everyone.  Even so the cost will not be that much.  As we will be booking either one of the larger 2 bedroom cabins or one of the slightly smaller 2 bedroom cabins, those of you who travel and may need accommodation, you are most welcome to stay overnight.  If you think you might like to stay overnight can you please message us and let us know. To make everything as simple and as convenient as we can for everyone we have set up the Merchant side of the site.  You may have noticed that the site now has it's own online STORE which can be found via either the BROWSE TAB or SUPPORT TAB.  We have set up an item in the store being Play Meet Contribution which provides 3 methods of payment.  Direct Bank Deposit (all details, BSB etc being displayed if this option is used), PayPal - Via PayPal using a credit/debit card whether you are a PayPal user or not  and Pay by Credit/Debit Card. Once  we know who has confirmed their attendance, depending on numbers we will either book either a Spa Villa 2 bedroom cabin or one of the slightly smaller Deluxe 2 bedroom cabins.   An Invoice will be generated and sent via the site to each couple attending with the cost being divided equally by the number attending. Whether payment is made via the online Invoice or by making a purchase via the store, once payment has been made we will forward the venue address and all other relevant information such as cabin number and location within the complex. We prefer to do it this way now so that we don't end up out of pocket as we have in the past with people saying they will attending then we book and pay for a room only to have them pull out at the last minute or just not bother to show up or even get in touch. 
      If you are a COUPLE or FEMALE who is interested in coming to this or any of our other Couples Nights / Play Meets and not yet a part of the Couples Play Group you need to SEND HAWKESBURYCOUPLE A PRIVATE MESSAGE with your mobile number and current email address. After a short chat on the phone we will gladly add you to the group and include on the INVITATION LIST for this and future Couples Nights. If you would like to know a little more about the Couples Play Nights we have a BLOG POST which will tell you a little about the group or you can always message (PM) us.                    
    • HawkesburyCouple

      JUNE WSS DRINKS NIGHT - All Welcome   05/22/16

      DRINKS NIGHT MEET AND GREET 8:00pm Onwards - Sat 25 June     ALL WELCOME Couples & Singles
      Everyone, couples and singles alike are very welcome. Come and meet the people that you chat with, meet new potential playmates, or meet socially face to face those whose profiles you have browsed without the risk of anyone feeling pressured in anyway or even just put a face to a USER ID you have seen on the site or perhaps chatted with in the Chat Room. The Drinks Night is a social event where you can meet and get to know others who share a similar interest while enjoying some harmless flirting and perhaps swap details with those you would like to catch up with later.   IF YOU WISH TO ATTEND YOU MUST RSVP TO THE CALENDAR EVENT;  To do that all you need to do is open the CALENDAR EVENT and CLICK ON THE GOING BUTTON on the Left Hand Side of the page.
      Are you a New Member here at Western Sydney Swingers or not so new but never previously been to any of the Meet and Greets? Make sure you come and say Hi and introduce yourself to us so that if you are a STANDARD MEMBER we can upgrade you to the VERIFIED MEMBERS group or if you are in the FREQUENT USERS group then upgrade you to GOLD.   Click Here For More Information About Our User Groups   If you are a GUEST and would like to come to any of our events you will need to register as a member before you can RSVP to be INVITED Registering only takes a couple of minutes and is 100% FREE  


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Follow this link to browse the SEXPO website for information about coming events, tickets and show programs etc.

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thanx for posting the link.....been meaning to get to sexpo 1 year

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HAs anybody on this site been? What is it like?

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