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This Forum is for those who have an interest in DOGGING.

Discuss Dogging in General - Share ideas - Share Locations - Get in touch -  Arrange meets 


If you want to arrange an event for a particular date post it both here and on the Calendar so that those interested will be aware of your event.


  1. Discussion Forum

    Discuss Dogging in General - Share ideas - Get in touch with others who have an interest in Dogging -  Arrange meets. 

  2. Dogging Events

    Are you planning a Dogging Event or would you like to make WSS members aware of an upcoming event.


    If you have set a date for an event another good way way to make others aware is to use the Calendar and if you use the RSVP function you can see at a glance who is interested in attending.

  3. Dogging Locations

    Are you aware of or know of Dogging Locations ??

    Every so often we see WSS Members posting asking for information on Dogging Locations.  If you know of any Dogging Locations we are sure they would appreciate you posting them here.