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Why Should I Get VERIFIED

What Does Being a VERIFIED Member Mean

We will be endeavouring to make the VERIFIED member group Western Sydney Swingers main member group encouraging every member to be verified. What that will mean to every member is that anytime you  look at a profile or communicate with another member and see that they are a verified member, you can be certain that they are who and what they say they are and NOT FAKE as can so often be the case on the larger commercial sites.  Please see below for details of how to become verified.


We have 2 Member Groups being the VERIFIED MEMBER and GOLD MEMBER Group that indicate that members of these 2 groups have met the Site Administrators face to face who have verified that they are who they say they on their profile which in the case of a COUPLE means that both have met Site Admin together who have VERIFIED that they are in fact a REAL COUPLE and not FAKE. Those Members who are verified and who we see being regularly active on the site and who attend a Meet from time to time will be rewarded by being upgraded to The GOLD Member Group that has additional privileges where the limits for many of the site features are all set to either UNLIMITED or to a very high value. 



How Do I Get Verified

To become verified all you need to do is contact us so that we can arrange to meet you face to face or come along to any of the meets and come up and see us so that we can verify that you are who you say you are on your profile. Should you be unable to meet us or come to any of the meets to meet us there are other ways we can verify you. We can use the webcam room here on the site or Skype and have you put your cam on and hold your licence up beside your face on cam so that we can see that the photo on the licence matches the face of the person holding it.  If you are unable to do this either then still please contact us so that we can see what else we can do to verify you.