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What is Western Sydney Swingers About

What can you tell me about Western Sydney Swingers?


Every One is Always Welcome Here at
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Many, if not most swinging couples and singles, enjoy the social side of swinging almost as much as the sex but the difficulties in finding suitable potential playmates can be frustrating. Western Sydney Swingers is primarily a SOCIAL SEXY WEBSITE where both couples and singles who share a similar interest can meet and get to know each other. If you are interested in meeting up with, chatting with or getting to know real couples and singles who are sexy, fun and looking for the same things you are, then you have come to the right place. As the name suggests we are based in the Western Sydney area however anyone regardless of where you are from will always be very welcome. We have members from not only across the Greater Sydney Area but also from many Regional Areas of NSW including some interstate members. With our continually growing membership not only ensuring that there will always be new member profiles for you to browse, it also increases the likelihood of you meeting and making new friends who share your interest and are looking for the same thing you are.

Western Sydney Swingers is NOT just another Adult Web Site. We have always been and will always be a TOTALLY FREE SITE that is as much a Social Networking Website and a Place for meeting and forming Friendships as it is an ADULT DATING Site. We have regular monthly Social Dinner & Drinks Meet & Greet Nights, Coffee / Lunch Meets and the occasional Weekend BBQ Meet & Greets that EVERY MEMBER is always very welcome to attend. Apart from the Social Meets we also host meets that are of the more ADULT KIND with everything that is on always being posted on the CALENDAR well ahead. There is NEVER any cost attached to any of our events. Depending upon the type of event they are either BYO or you PAY YOUR OWN WAY at which ever venue we are at for drinks and meals etc.

Whether you're looking for a soul mate, some online fun, setting up a discreet encounter, a fantasy threesome, group fun or even just a social outing with a group of friendly people where you can meet and get to know others in real life in a friendly social no pressure environment, you have come to right place and we hope you enjoy your time here and we are sure you will make a few new friends while having a great time.

Unlike many other FREE SITES there are NO ANNOYING ADVERTISEMENTS of any kind. We are a Forums based website where every member is free to read and reply to the posts put up by other members or create their own topics and put up their own posts for others to read and reply to. EVERY MEMBER is free to search the Members List and browse the profiles posted by other members. When you come across a profile that you find appealing you can use our own Internal Secure Messaging System to message them. We have Online Photo Galleries where every member can create and manage their own online photo albums or browse those posted by other members. We also have our own Chat Room that is open to both MEMBERS and GUESTS 24/7. In addition to our other features we have a File Upload / Download Section that all our members can use to share any type of file they wish with other members or browse and download those uploaded by our members. We also have our own Blogging System that every member is welcome to make use of.


Would you like to know a little of our history and how we got started?

How Western Sydney Swingers Came About
and a Little Of Our History


Since we (Hawkesburycouple) first decided to explore the swinging lifestyle we have met some fantastic people some of whom we have formed lasting friendships with and who we always very much look forward to getting together with whenever the opportunity presents itself. Over time we found that not only did most of the couples we had come to know share many of our interests looking for much the same thing we were, but a number of them either knew of each other or had been in contact with each other to varying degrees on the various commerical sites. We ended up arranging a social night out for the couples we knew which was a great success with everyone very much enjoying themselves. From there we had more nights out, BBQ's at each others homes and weekends camping at the ski park we frequent on the Hawkesbury River near Windsor.

More as an easy and convenient way for us all to keep in touch and to arrange our BBQ's, Nights Out and weekends away than for any other reason, we created an MSN Adult Group back in mid to late 2004 when MSN still had the Adult Groups. Between us we decided to call the Group "Fun In Western Sydney" as we all lived in the Western Sydney area except for a few who lived a little further West around Orange and Dubbo. It was very much a closed group not being open to anyone that either us or our friends did not know and had met. Creating the MSN Group also enabled each of us to invite to the group others who we felt would fit in and not cause any problems enabling all of us to widen our circle of friends. Even so it was always a fairly small group and we were all very happy to keep it that way enjoying our social get togethers BBQ's etc as well as our PLAY MEETS. We all found that the MSN Group Forum worked really well for all of us as a way of keeping in touch, sharing photos, introducing friends to new friends we had come to know and more. That was until the end of 2005 when MSN decided to close the Adult Groups. We had to decide whether we wanted to move over to the New WORLD GROUPS who were taking over the Adult Groups from MSN, move to the Yahoo Groups whose Groups were very similar to MSN Groups, not do anything or try our hand at putting our own forums based website together.

We decided to have a go at putting our own site together so that we could set it up how we wanted and in a way that best suited us. We registered an internet domain keeping the same name as we had for the MSN Group being Fun In Western Sydney, did some shopping around in regard to hosting our new website and then got busy putting it together learning mostly by trial and error as we went along. The site underwent a number of changes and various looks as we leaned and found better ways of doing things which has brought us to where we are now. For some time until it was decided otherwise by a vote of all of the members, Fun In Western Sydney was very much a closed site just as the MSN Group was.

With the interest we had been getting after setting up the site from some who had stumbled across us when doing a web based search such as Google and with the explosion of Adult Websites on the internet all using one of our most basic needs and desires to get us to put our hands in our pockets, we decided to open our site to anyone who would like to make use of it. So that we could do that while still maintaining what we were all about when we first decided to put up the MSN Group and later our own web site, we gave the site a major overhaul setting up 2 separate user groups being "Members" and "Play Group" with each group having different levels of access to various parts of the site with the THE PLAY GROUP consisting of those members who we knew and associated with as friends and who members of the MSN Group. Doing it this way enabled us to open the site up to anyone who wanted to use it while at the same time enabling us to maintain what we had been about since we first set up the MSN Group keeping an area the site to ourselves that the general membership did not have access to.

Now even a little further down the track and after further site improvements and upgrades the set up of the Member Groups has undergone further changes bringing us to where are now. After discussing it with the Playgroup Members at one of our nights out we did away with the Playgroup Member Group and created the member groups we now have being BRONZE - SILVER - GOLD - JUST COUPLES. One of the original members who has been with us from when we first set up the MSN Group suggested that perhaps a name change which included the word swinging might be considered. We came up with a few names as did others. We then ran a Poll on the site where all our members could vote for the name they preferred. WESTERN SYDNEY SWINGERS won the vote so we changed to site name to that registering the domain names of www.westernsydneyswingers.com and www.westernsydneyswingers.com



What Member Groups does Western Sydney Swingers have?





Western Sydney Swingers has  5 MAIN MEMBER GROUPS These Member Groups have been set up in a way so as to reward those who are regularly active on the site and attend our Meet and Greets. We also have 2 Member Groups being the VERIFIED MEMBER and GOLD MEMBER Groups that indicate that members of these 2 groups have met the Site Administrators face to face who have verified that they are who they say they on their profile which in the case of a COUPLE means that both have met Site Admin together who have VERIFIED that they are in fact a REAL COUPLE and not FAKE. Those Members who are verified and who we see being regularly active on the site and who attend a Meet from time to time will be rewarded by being upgraded to The GOLD Member Group that has additional privileges where the limits for many of the site features are all set to either UNLIMITED or to a very high value. 


We will be endeavouring to make the VERIFIED member group Western Sydney Swingers main member group encouraging every member to be verified. What that will mean to every member is that anytime you  look at a profile or communicate with another member and see that they are a verified member, you can be certain that they are who and what they say they are and NOT FAKE as can so often be the case on the larger commercial sites.  Please see below for details of how to become verified.



When a new member joins Western Sydney Swingers their Member Profile is automatically placed in the NEW MEMBER group and the system will send a validation email to the email address used during the registration process. Once you have clicked on a link in the email to validate your registration and email address your account will be activated and you will be able to log in using the password you up when registering. 


As a New Member there are a number of restrictions placed on your account that do not apply to other member groups, however once we have checked your profile and provided there are no problems you will be upgraded to BRONZE and the restrictions removed. If we find a problem with your profile we will place it into the REJECTED member group which will result in further restrictions being placed on your account. To have these restrictions removed and be upgraded to BRONZE and you will need to edit your profile then once you have made the necessary amendments contact us so that we can check it again. PLEASE take note of the field descriptions when editing your profile.


We endeavour to check new registrations daily but please keep in mind that we do this in our free time and have lives and commitments other than this site so at times it may take a little longer but not usually more than 48 hours. 

More detailed information on Registering can be found in another of the Site Forums Topics


The MAIN Member Groups are:-





elmerfudd.gif BRONZE MEMBER
Once any Bronze Member has made 7 Posts they will automatically be upgraded to the SILVER MEMBER Group.

Bronze Members have access to all areas of the site being able to create and post new topics as well as being able to post replies to topics created and posted by others. Search our Members database and browse Member Profiles and message other members using our own secure messaging system. They can browse the photo albums created by other members, create and maintain their own online photo albums, create and maintain their own Blog, Access the Members Chat Room and download files from our file downloads area.

Create up to 4 Photo Gallery Albums being able to post 25 images to each.

Start 40 new conversations in a 24hr period with up to 15 recipients per conversation. 


Store up to 250 conversations in their Inbox.

10 downloads from our Downloads Section in any 24 hour period.

4 Member Blogs with no limit on entries or attachments per blog


Unlimited Content/Comment Posts

Every Bronze Member who is a regular visitor of any area of the site, being Forums, Chat Room or Blogs regularly logging into the site will be upgraded to this Member Group. In addition any Standard Member once they have made 7 posts which includes replies to Topics posted by other members will automatically be upgraded to this Member Group. Members of this group can create more Photo Albums with the maximum number of images for each album also being increased. Members of this group are able to send an increased number of messages in any 24 hour period and have a greater number of stored notifications. They can save an increased number of messages in their Inbox and have an increased number of Invitations when using the Private Message System.

Create up to 6 Photo Gallery Albums being able to post 25 images to each.

Start 50 new conversations in a 24hr period with up to 20 recipients per conversation. 


Store up to 300 conversations in their Inbox.

15 downloads from our Downloads Section in any 24 hour period.

5 Member Blogs with no limit on entries or attachments per blog


Unlimited Content/Comment Posts

Our aim is for the VERIFIED group to be our member group with as many of our members as possible becoming VERIFIED. We encourage EVERY member to be VERIFIED.   There are a number of benefits resulting from this the main one being that every member when viewing a profile, chatting with or communicating with another member and can see on their profile that they have been verified can be absolutely certain that they are NOT FAKE and are who and what their profile describes them as being. We also REWARD those members who get verified with increased limits and their own VERIFIED MEMBERS ONLY CHAT ROOM.


To become verified all you need to do is contact us so that we can arrange to meet you face to face or come along to any of the meets and come up and see us so that we can verify that you are who you say you are on your profile. Should you be unable to meet us or come to any of the meets to meet us there are other ways we can verify you. We can use the webcam room here on the site or Skype and have you put your cam on and hold your licence up beside your face on cam so that we can see that the photo on the licence matches the face of the person holding it.  If you are unable to do this either then still please contact us so that we can see what else we can do to verify you.

Create up to 8 Photo Gallery Albums being able to post 25 images to each.

Start 60 new conversations in a 24hr period with up to 30 recipients per conversation. 


Store up to 300 conversations in their Inbox.

20 downloads from our Downloads Section in any 24 hour period.

5 Member Blogs with no limit on entries or attachments per blog


Unlimited Content/Comment Posts

The easiest way to become a member of this group is to come along to any of the Meet and Greets posted on the Calendar making sure to Introduce yourself to either of us.

garfield.gifGOLD MEMBER
ANY MEMBER regardless of gender or relationship status who is VERIFIED  and who we see being regularly active on the site and who attends a Meet from time to time will be further rewarded by being upgraded to The GOLD Member Group.  The Gold Member group has additional privileges where the limits for many of the site features are all set to either UNLIMITED or to a very high value.  Replies posted by Gold Members are also HIGH LIGHTED.


UNLIMITED number of Photo Albums with NO LIMIT to the number of images that can be posted to each album.

Start an UNLIMITED number of new conversations in a 24hr period with
NO LIMIT to the number of recipients per conversation. 


Store up to 1000 conversations in their Inbox.

UNLIMITED downloads from our Downloads Section in any 24 hour period.

25 Member Blogs with no limit on entries or attachments per blog


Unlimited Content/Comment Posts


In Addition to posting Status Messages can import Status Messages


Can use Tags



elmerfudd.gif STANDARD MEMBER

Those who email addresses bounce when we periodically perform checks  and/or those who have not signed into the site for a period of 2 years or more are placed into this Member Group.  While this member group is much the same as the Bronze Member group they have had limits and restrictions placed on them due to the reasons they have been placed into this group,  the main one being that the email address on their profile is bouncing when we check which tells us that it is either a fake or invalid email address or is no longer active or in use. 


Should anyone who is a member of the Standard Member group come back and start using the site again and provided they have a valid and working email address, once they MESSAGE US via the support system or via a PM, will be upgraded to the BRONZE Member Group.