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It has been a while since we have posted to our blog so we are WAY overdue and a lot has happened since our last post.  Getting older putting up and packing up tents and tarps was getting to be more like hard work than we remembered it being.  On the spur of the moment, we decide to just have a casual look at what was in vans now.  FATAL MISTAKE.  Deb saw a new van that she really liked, a 23ft Franklin with shower, loo, front loading washing machine, air conditioning/heating, separate upright fridge and freezer, full stove with oven, island queen bed and other creature comforts, roll out awning with full canvas annex and set up with solar panels and a pair of deep cycle batteries for free camping.   We looked about and compared it to other similar vans but kept coming back to that one.  The short story is that it now lives at our place among the boats.  We love getting away in it but have not done a big trip in it yet but can not wait to.  We have though had some fantastic extended weekends away both down the South Coast and up North around Forster and Tuncurry.

Just after we had decided to overhaul WSS going in a slightly different direction and taking it offline which you can read about in the SITE BLOG, we took the van down to River Island forma few days.  I (Michael) ended with very severe burns to both feet from the timber decking around the pool followed by many many visits to the State Burns unit at Concord and there were a few other problems resulting in Hospital stays all of which put WSS on the back burner for a time.

We also bought 2 boats so now our place looks a little like a boat sale yard.  We have 3 boats, a caravan, 2 trailers, 3 cars + our son's car and a mates car all parked here.  We have not put it up yet but we are selling the yellow and white boat  Y-Not that some of you would be familiar with. We are replacing it with a Quintrex BowRider and a larger boat that is not at home.  We purchased a 33ft Sea Ray Sundancer 6 berth twin shaft drive cruiser that is all set up with a genset and shore power and solar panels for weekends or longer stays on the boat.  We purchased the boat down at Port Jacking in The Shire with our son and myself (Michael) bringing it up the coast to the Central Coast where we have it moored. We have had some great weekends or 4 -5 days on it sometimes with friends.  Sometimes we will go up on a Saturday just to check on things and stay overnight on the boat without leaving the mooring.  Depending on who is with us we love being naked on the boat anchored for a weekend in a quiet secluded bay and there is nothing better than relaxing on the rear lounge, music going, cold drink in hand with the smell of roast pork from the Webber while watching the day end. The name on the boat is Good Times Ahead.  We have already had some good times on it and planning many more.  We have posted a few photos in our Gallery   We are always on the lookout for crew LoL  :09: :08: :boner1:  :69: :36:  :3some:


At the moment it is Deb’s turn to be off her feet following knee surgery.  She is going great but it will be another 4 – 5 weeks before she is completely back on her feet so for now she is the patient instead of the nurse.


That pretty much brings us up to date.

So until next time Cheers from us both for now.


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