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We recently had a look at our blog and noticed that it has been a little while since we have posted anything so thought it was about time to update it again.


We have been fairly busy of late.  We have been backwards and forwards down to Tassie with family things a fair bit as well as travelling all over the place up and down the coast looking at boats whenever we had some free time. We also purchased a new caravan earlier in the year which we mentioned in another post and have been getting away in that for the weekend when we have had nothing else taking our time.  Our most recent weekend away was to Ettalong where we were able to catch up with a friend who lives on the Central Coast which made for a very enjoyable weekend.


We have also purchased 2 boats and in the process of selling the yellow and white boat that is in a number of our photos.  We purchased a Quintrex 530 bow rider which is a considerable down size from “Y-Not”.  We wanted something that wasn’t too big or heavy that Deb would be comfortable towing so that when we go somewhere for a weekend in the van that is near the water we also have the boat with us.  It is also not too heavy or big for one person to launch and retrieve on their own while still having the seating and comfort for a social day out.  The other boat “Good Times Ahead” is a 33ft Sea Ray twin shaft cruiser.  It is 6 berth with a queen bed + double bed + a lounge that converts into another double bed. It has an on-board generator and hot water service so there is a hot shower and a full galley with microwave, stove and fridge.  We had it on a casual mooring while we organised and had our own mooring put down at Tascott near Woy Woy on the Central Coast where it is now moored.


Even though we have not had it that long we have had some great weekends on it finding it very comfortable with lots of room to overnight on = lots of room to play with friends.  During the coming warmer months we are very much looking forward to having some company we can take with us who we can spend the days and nights naked and playing with out on the water.  


This year is the first since 2006 that we have not organised meet and greets just about every month.  With everything that we have had taking our time this year, not just the caravan and boat, while they have taken many of our weekends there have been family commitments that have also taken a lot our time and with our son doing year 12 this year and hoping for Sydney University entry, we stepped back hoping and expecting that someone else might step up and organise something from time to time and depending on where it was and what else we had on at the time come along, but sadly that has not been the case. Instead it has been more some members making comments criticising us complaining that we were not organising meets for them to go to rather than just using the site to do it themselves.


Hopefully in the coming months we will have a bit more free time allowing us to organise Meet and Greets as well as Play Nights.  As far as the Play Nights go, as we posted previously, we are considering including some select males but that will mostly depend on what the couples and ladies concerned want and are comfortable with.  We will most likely put a poll up in the near future and work it out there.


With everything that we have had on we have not really had much time for playing lately either but have managed to catch up with a few of our friends.  With hopefully having a little more free time from here on we are looking forward to having more time to play making up for lost time and as we say above combining some of our playtime's and getting to know new friends with weekends on the boat.  We are also looking forward to getting away to some of the regional areas of NSW and maybe interstate if we can in the van and combining that with getting to know and having some fun with new playmates.





004ettalong.jpg   001ettalong.jpg   002ettalong.jpg   003ettalong.jpg


001ettalong.jpg   DSCN1278.JPG   DSCN1282.JPG   moored002.jpg


moored004.jpg   searay001.JPG   searay002.JPG   searay003.JPG   


searay004.JPG   searay006.JPG   searay005.JPG   searay007.JPG   


searay008.JPG   searay009.JPG   searay010.JPG   searay014.JPG   searay011.jpg   searay012.jpg   searay013.JPG   searay015.JPG   searay016.JPG


searay017.JPG   searay021.JPG   searay022.JPG  searay027.JPG


searay024.JPG   searay026.JPG


  gta-3.MOV   gta-1.MOV   gta-2.MOV



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Guest LaidBackAussie


Awesome, love the boat!  Good to see you're getting your priorities right.... 

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