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Privacy Security and Free Software

This is on old posting I put in Discussions, I have just copied it here. Would anyone like to share any tips and hints or guides on good software, any other security ideas. I am a big believer in Open Source software, and free software. There are a lot of very good programs that work as least as well, and often better than the bought ones. These are my suggestions:- I know that my privacy is important to me. I have a young family who often use my computer, and I don’t want them to come across some aspects of my private life. My occupation also is a bit closed minded, and some of my lifestyle choices would appear inconsistent with my current and future employment. I imagine teachers doctors priest etc have a similar problem. This is obviously this is not about being found out about doing something wrong, just that we may not want to be in the position where we have to justify what we do in our private and sexual life. So I use a number of programs to clean out my computer, and make sure that people (my kids) don’t stumble across stuff. As you know, for instance, your conversations, downloads etc show up quite nicely even after you think you have deleted them. There may be gigs worth of old thumbnails that will show everything you have been looking at. Of course it is virtually impossible to erase everything, and that is not what I am talking about. I have both Linux and Microsoft operating systems (I don’t have Mac) In linux I use Ubuntu (free complete with all the applications you will probably ever need), Arch, Gentoo, am about to try Mint. I Microsoft I use XP and Windows 7 (plus 98 and DOS in a virtual machine) Some of the programs I use AVG Anti-virus free edition (MS)
anti virus CCleaner (MS)
shreds free space on drive and is a janitor- cleans thumbnails, temp downloads, cache etc Foxit (MS)
PDF reader CutePDF (MS)
PDF writer VLC (MS & Linux)
viewer for mpegs, dvd’s practically anything with sound or pictures TeraCopy (MS)
great little file copying program, will ask if you want to overwrite, rename or copy older etc. Truecrypt (MS & Linux)
keep everything in an encrypted container, only you have the key, military grade. You can also add keyfiles so that you need a password and a file (full of hundreds of characters). You can have it set so you and your partner each have a key to keep your special photos under lock and key, and they can’t stick them on the web when you break up. Vidalia Tor (MS & Linux)
Proxy software, that means you can’t be traced on the web, people can’t read your google searches, the boss won’t know that you are visiting swinging sites. Use this with the privacy modes in Chrome, Firefox etc. Remember that security relies on what you write in messages as well. LibreOffice (MS & Linux)
All the productivity suite that MS offers but it is free. Linux
It has designed in anti-virus, good control over what parts of the system can be changed, and what needs your specific OK. There are Linux systems that form the basis of the internet, that are open to the internet, that do not have any anti-virus software and never get infected. It is free and your system and all the applications can be updated daily, for free. You can choose from hundreds (thousands?) of applications that are as good as expensive version but are free If anyone is interested in knowing more, how to use, or more info, perhaps the admin might make this part of a forum.




Starting Sex Party Branches - Feb 2013

This is a copy of my posting in the general discussion, I have copied it here as it is about what is important to me. "I hope I don't offend anyone by using this forum advancing a political agenda, however I think that many people on this web site value their personal freedom, and the right to express their sexuality however they like, without the government sticking their noses in their bedrooms. That is why I support the Australian Sex Party. The Australian Sex Party has a wide agenda, covering many aspects of personal and sexual freedom. Whilst the name of our party seems strange, it is a serious party, addressing serious issues. The policies are set out at http://www.sexparty....y-policies.html The Sex party wants issues like Censorship, Education, Equality, Health, Protection of Children, Workplace Relations, Religion / Ethical Issues, Drugs, Euthanasia, Abortion debated intelligently, leading to rational, evidence based policy, I am interested in starting a branch of the Sex Party in the Hawkesbury area around Richmond/Windsor, especially as the next federal election is approaching. The Sex Party gives a viable alternative to people who want this government out, but don't want a conservative religion based party in. This is now Feb 2013, the election is on in Sept 2013. At the last local government elections, I was working with an Australian champion pole dancer, handing out "how to vote Sex Party" cards to people including Malcolm Turnbull (actually we had a very nice chat), and Bob Brown, and afterwards doing vodka shots with some sex workers, human rights lawyers, a detective sargent and other fascinating (and sexy) people. So it can be exciting and fun, being politically active. If you are interested in being involved being a member at branch level or even part of the organisation please just PM message me."




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