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Does everyone enjoy blowjobs?

everyone is the blower and the blowee

i have to admit that I have never had a blowjob. I love eating pussy and getting my partner wet. And she enjoys it

i love getting her to cum with my lips and tongue and fingers

i love finding her g spot with my fingers

an aside - does the a spot exist?

So here I am wanting to be deep throated and cum

do women like giving head or do they just do it to please their partner? Or because it is expected?

do women like deep throating and swallowing?

or do they like "pearl necklases? Or similar?

i really would like a women's perspective

and most of all I'd like a blowjob to climax. I am always happy to reciprocate the experience

i love to make my partner orgasm and I luv to orgasm 

please tell me what is it like to give and receive

stu in waiting


Entries in this blog


Cock Rings

I'm intereste to hear of people both make and female who have had experience using or "receiving" cock rings Do they make any difference? what type are best? i would like the benefit of others experience with these    




Prostate Massage

Is there anyone here who has had experience with massaging the make partner's prostate? how is it found? how is it best done? is it best done by a partner (female or male) or can you do it yourself? does it increase the male orgasm? does it increase the amount of cum? is it a great experience? i am genuinely interested in people's (male and female) experience in this subject  




Body Type

How important as part of sex is the body type? Do women ( or bi men) get more turned on by muscles.... Abs, guns, cock...etc Do men (or bi women) get turned on by the classic female form? Large breasts, hour glass figure, bald pussy, abs, etc do men get turned off by Kim kardashan large butts. (I do) What body type or characteristic helps you get hard or wet i am really interested in people's opinions and experience as one who has never had abs etc but loves sex and wants to know more I am interested in your responses




Oral sex

Is it better to give than receive? i think that if you look after your partners pleasure (undress her erotically , caress her erogenous zones, suckle her breasts, lick her clit, lick her pussy, massage hef g spot, massage her rose bud, make her wet, etc)  it will cumm back to you   what do others think?





Do both parties enjoy blow jobs? i have to confess to never having the opportunity for a blowjob i love eating pussy with my tongue and lips and fingers i lov stimulating the g spot (Q - does the a spot exist?) i luv giving my partner orgasms both oral and with my cock inside her she does not like sucking my cock do women generally like sucking cock? Or do they just do it because their partner wants (expects?) it? do the like deep throating? Resisting the gag reflex? and what about swallowing? do women like this or do they prefer "pearl necklases "? i am truly interested and I live in hope if the ultimate blowjob i am always happy to reciprocate mutual orgasms with cumming are great in hope and thanks in advance for feedback (thus us serious, at least to me) Stu4u always XXOOXX  .              



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