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Firstly our sincere apologies for the site being offline for the time it was.  Very shortly after deciding to change the focus of the site I (Michael) suffered some severe burns and other related problems being in an out of the hospital for a while.

Anyway Back to Business;   The site is back up again and you will have noticed the changes to the home page which are self-explanatory.  We started as a closed site in 2006 just for the couples we had met and knew which worked great for years.  Later we decided that as everything was already there we would create a number of member groups and open the site up to anyone who wanted to use it.  It was not too long before we quickly grew to a membership of 10,000+ being very top heavy with males just like all the large commercial sites.  As a result, we found ourselves spending more and more time refereeing complaints, squabbles and other problems than we were enjoying the site as a member.  Not only that but the more we did and the more we provided with the cost for everything coming out of our pocket not to mention the hours we put in, the more some complained and expected to be provided to them completely free of any cost.

As a result of this, we decided after talking with some of the couples who have been on here for some time that it was time to take the site back to what it was about in the early days.  We started by deleting all member accounts apart from Gold Members who had not been active in any way for a period of time.  We then addressed the problem of the high percentage of males to couples deleting, not all, but many of the male members so that we are no longer a site overrun by males like most of the large commercial sites taking our focus back to being couples and ladies as reflected by our new home page.  We still have some accounts to look at deciding which will go and which will stay with us going from a little over 10,000 to a few hundred members.  This should get us back to what we were, being a group who more or less all know each other and enjoy keeping in touch and getting together where possible for some fun without the hassles so often encountered on larger commercial sites.  We have kept a few of the male accounts who we feel we have a reasonable idea of but the majority are gone. We will also from this point on be strictly limiting the number of male members in relation to the number of couples on the site.

New Members;    We now have the site set up much as it used to be with just the one Member Group for everyone.  When someone registers they must first validate their registration and email address which is our first step in weeding out fakes.  Once we have checked the profile if it all looks good we will approve it. Their profile will then be placed into a pending list without being activated. That person or couple will need to contact us and arrange to meet us face to face.  It only need to be a very brief meeting so that we can verify that they are who they claim on their profile.  We will then activate their profile. This should make it impossible for fakes, spammers and trouble makers to make their way onto the site with multiple profiles making WSS a more secure and enjoyable place for all. It will also give every member peace of mind knowing that if they message or contact someone or they are contacted, that the member has been verified and is genuine and who their profile says they are.  We do appreciate that not everyone is able to arrange to meet to get verified due to distance or other reason.  In that case, there are other ways we can verify a prospective New Member which we can discuss when they contact us.

NEW MALE MEMBERS;   New Male members registering,  if all looks good when we check your profile and approve it AND you have been VERIFIED depending on our ratio of males to couples your account may be placed onto a waiting list.  Once the ratio of males to couples changes your account will be activated, all of which we can discuss when you contact us to arrange to be verified.

With removing the number of profiles that we have we have deleted ALL photos posted in the Gallery.  We did this so that there could be no problems of photos on the site of members who are no longer with us.  PLEASE, re-post your photos as we would like nothing more than to enjoy your photos as we are sure all our members will.  With having just the one member group we have also streamlined the forums reducing the number of Topics to make browsing much simpler and easier.  We have done away with the old Chat Room and using new software added a good simple to use reliable text only chat room with multiple rooms.  We are looking forward to chatting with you all.

We hope you all enjoy THE NEW WSS and we look forward to catching up. We would like to apologise to you all again for the site being down for as long as it was but sometimes things that are not planned happen. We are also considering a possible name change.  We have had the domain for some time now, we just have to weigh up whether the hassles of migrating the site are worth it but more about that another time.


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